Cuteness on Skis!

We took Adam skiing for the first time last weekend. We didn’t really make it onto the hill exactly, but rather found a slight incline outside of the rental shop and decided that was a good enough place to start. In hindsight there was a bit of foot traffic, but hopefully no one minded too much :) We all had a lot of fun, especially Adam.


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I visited my sister and her family last weekend and had a lot of fun playing with Adam and Ezra! I also had fun with their German Shepherd, Oscar :) He couldn’t help but join in during story time.

He made me laugh so hard, he’s such a funny dog :)

In other news, I took today and yesterday off of work (I like to call this a mid-week weekend) and have been trying to focus on coming up with a plan for my next career. After 7 years of trying to figure out my next career, not sure it was realistic to suddenly decide over 48 hours, but I still appreciated having two days devoted to thinking about it. I’ve come up with some interesting ideas, that’s for sure. Let’s just say I have diverse interests and currently have a career in Forensics on my list as well as horticultural therapist! Both of which would require further education and are not even in the same field. Also, I don’t have any experience in either of those areas…

and then there is always the idea of taking a year off and writing a book.

Yup, I may need to take another mid-week weekend to figure this all out.

One more thing before I go, we’re finally getting some warmer weather and sunshine! It’s so nice. I went on a run/walk today for the first time since winter began and although I was totally out of shape, I loved being outside in the sun and feeling its warmth. I am so excited for spring!

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Happy 3rd birthday Adam!

Today is Adam’s 3rd birthday! Because it’s on a Monday this year and, unfortunately work gets in the way, we celebrated his birthday yesterday.

There were games:


IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972


IMG_0973 IMG_0974

There were birthday cards…


and presents!



Okay – we thought we would get him started on a musical instrument and the recorder was 1. in the store we were shopping in

2. affordable

3. easy to put away if it gets annoying :)

Some kids start early on guitars, pianos, violins - not Adam! Recorder all the way :)


Adam was really excited about the “diesel engine” we got him for his birthday. At this stage, it may be a little more fun to play with, but I haven’t given up on the recorder just yet. Its time will come :)

There was cake of course!



And then there were the guests:

7 adults and a 6 month old :)

IMG_0983 IMG_0967   IMG_0999  IMG_0995

You just can’t beat a party with a guest list like that :)

Happy Birthday Adam! We love you so much!

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Our little “Walker”

Ezra is almost 6 months old! The time is going so fast! He is sitting up and will be, in my expert opinion, crawling in no time at all! He is so fun. He is easier to snuggle than Adam was which is so nice :) He’s at the stage where he just wants to get his mouth on everything and so his mom and dad (we are all Walking Dead fans!) call him their little walker…and it’s true! He comes at you with a toothless mouth, just trying to gnaw on you. It’s hilarious! We don’t mind a little extra slobber as he’s super cute and such a sweet personality (although his parents may give a different answer during the night!). He’s all smiles! I love this guy!


I love both of these guys!!


Just keep your eye out for our little walker :)


You never know when he might get you :)


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Christmas 2013

I’m a little behind, but only by about 2 and half weeks for this post which isn’t too bad given my track record :) Toronto had an ice storm which took out the power in the apartment so it was lucky that the next day my sister and I headed up to the farm where the power was still on. We definitely had snow this winter and it was beautiful. I got out on a snowshoe on Christmas Eve with Daisy.


And it was one of the most beautiful snowshoes I’ve ever had.



Initially, I was planning on going for about an hour, but as we all know, I have a little trouble with direction - no surprise there – and it turned into a 2 hour snowshoe.




I didn’t mind it being long – it was such a beautiful day and the snow was perfect.

Daisy, on the other hand, was a bit done in by the end of it :)


We had the most amazing sunrise on Christmas morning.




The pictures with Ezra are a little blurry as he’s a mover and shaker! Adam had a great time, but he’s at the stage where he looks very seriously at the camera when you try to take a picture! The one below is the closest I got to a smile from him :)

IMG_0881 IMG_0884 IMG_0885 IMG_0894 IMG_0900 IMG_0911 IMG_0920

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!


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Happy 28th birthday Ellen!


To my wonderful sister!! Hope you have an amazing day and a year full of love and happiness! Happy 28th!


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A weekend with Adam

On October 5/6 this year, my sister and I took Adam for the whole weekend. We had a lot of fun! After picking him up from his parents’ place, Adam and I enjoyed a leisurely drive down to the city where he had a chance to catch up on some reading.


Yes, he is reading a toy catalog, and yes, it was engrossing. It kept him occupied for at least 30 minutes!

After arriving at the apartment, we dropped our stuff off, picked up Sarah and headed off for the zoo! We soon came across an empty turtle shell that would be the perfect photo op….or so we thought.



We neglected to tell Adam that he was supposed to stop and look at us for a picture. He crawled right through – he was on a mission.

He got to see lots of animals on our little zoo trip:




He even got a chance to see the elephants before they left on their long journey to California.


Sarah was excited to take Adam on his first carousel ride – he wasn’t so sure in the beginning…


but he quickly warmed up!


We’re looking forward to next year when we can take both Adam and Ezra to the zoo!

On Sunday, I braved the crowds and took Adam to the Science center.


I took him into the space exhibit where he pointed to the sign below and asked me what it was. I took one look at what he had pointed at, pulled out my camera and asked him to smile. We then headed over to the next exhibit with the question safely evaded :)


His favourite part was jumping and running over the projected image on the floor.


Then it was pizza for lunch and the end of Adam’s weekend in the city with his aunts!


I admit I put the ponytail in, I wanted to keep his bangs out of his eyes and didn’t think I should be the one to cut them. I think he looks pretty cute!

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