McCrae Lake July 13-15, 2014

IMG_1822Just got back from camping with some friends.

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Improv Thursdays

I have been enjoying waking up without an alarm and going on runs when I feel like it. The 6:00 AM run has now turned into the 9:00 AM run despite my best intentions to remain an early riser, but I justify this by the idea that people will be at work and thus the trail will be less crowded at 9:00. I’m still struggling a little with getting back in the groove of doing schoolwork, but part of that is because I’m still figuring out the exact next steps I want to take, so I’m holding back committing 100% to anything. For good or for bad, I have decided to finish my psychology course first and then start my biology course. Ideally I should be doing them at the same time since that’s a more realistic university experience, but for right now, this is what’s going to work for me. I am actually sort of looking forward to my biology class, but it can wait.

I have yet to pick up volunteering and will most likely start that in August or September (let’s be honest, September).

So to sum up what I have done so far in my time off, I have continued running, worked on one psychology course and have gotten lots of family time in. Also, I finally finished reading The Magic Mountain and watched both seasons of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Typing the previous sentence, I initially thought it was an odd juxtaposition, but on second thought it may not be so odd after all. Hmm I kind of feel I want to write an essay on the similarities between the two…maybe I AM getting back into school mode! 

I do have one more thing I’ve been doing. My sister and I signed up for an introduction to improv class that runs every Thursday night for 8 weeks. So far, we have had two classes. I signed up for this to get more comfortable speaking and being up in front of people (somehow my comfort level has decreased over the years and it wasn’t that high to begin with). The idea that I’ll most likely have to do presentations if I go back to school currently terrifies me.

So far it has been a fantastic experience! The people, not surprisingly 10-15 years younger than I am, all seem really nice. Really, most of us are there because we want to get more comfortable in front of people which just makes us all feel a lot more relaxed. There are also 0 expectations which always helps! I never realized how similar goat herding and go-karting can sound until we did one activity where, after a student shouted out an action for us to do, I was happily miming goat herding and everyone else was happily miming go karting.

Also, we had to come up with a joke on the spot and I managed to say a punch line that actually made sense! I was ready to walk out of the class right then and there, having hit my high note, but since there was still another hour and a half I managed to stick it out.

Some upcoming events: camping trip, sister’s graduation, mom’s 65th birthday and a friend’s show.

Oh yeah, and completing my psychology course by the end of July (that’s my goal!).

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Ellen and Paul’s wedding Part 3

Just a few pictures more.


My brother did the fireworks for the wedding and they were amazing!


Also, he and his helper (my cousin) survived with all their fingers and toes intact so we’ll also call that a grand success :)


All good things must come to an end. It was a beautiful wedding and we were all so happy that everything worked out perfectly.


I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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Ellen and Paul’s Wedding Part 2


As promised, here are a few more photos from Ellen and Paul’s wedding last summer.

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Ellen and Paul’s wedding Part 1

Ellen and Paul were married on September 14, 2013 at the farm.


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A new direction

I have finally decided that it’s time for a career change. I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do, but I’m leaning towards Audiology or Speech Language Pathology (SLP); both of which will require going back to school for a Masters. So, not one to sit around once I’ve made a decision, I gave notice in January and my last day of work was May 19th. The application deadline for a Sept 2015 Masters start date is January 2015. In order for me to even have a chance to get into these competitive programs, I need to take 4-5 prerequisites and I need volunteer hours. I have roughly 7 and a half months to try and get those done. What I love about being in the year 2014 is that university doesn’t have to follow a calendar and the convenience of online courses exist. I am currently enrolled in a Biology (help me!) and Psychology course and I still need to enroll in 2-3 other courses including an Introduction to Statistics. I’ve hesitated in signing up for more than the two I have right now as I’m finding it a little difficult to get back into the swing of school and studying. Like today, for example, I have only made it halfway through one chapter in my Biology textbook even though I worked on it from morning until late afternoon. I say worked on it, and I did, but there were a lot of distractions in between (downfalls of doing everything online and from home). Lets just say it went something like this:

8:00 – went on a run, showered, got dressed

9:00 – sat down to study, checked email, checked Facebook

9:30 – attempted to start studying but a headline about Game of Thrones distracted me

9:45-10:30 – watched Game of Thrones

10:30 – checked Facebook and email again

10:45- 11:15- opened book and took notes (currently my notes are basically just copying the textbook word for word - everything seems to be important).

11:15 – watched Youtube clips of Ramin Karimloo (he’s awesome BTW), posted clip on friend’s wall (easy access to webpages is a problem when studying from an online textbook!)

11:30-11:45 – Studied (made it about a page and a half)

11:45-12:15 – ran an errand

12:15-1:30 – lunch and necessary lunch break

And the afternoon progressed pretty much the same as the morning. I just couldn’t sit and focus. I had trouble last Monday as well, but got more into it by later in the week so I’m hoping it will go better tomorrow.

On the bright side, I’m up to speed with Psychology and have even done the first assignment. I have to try and complete Psychology and Biology in double time to try and fit the other courses in (the ones I’m terrified to sign up for until I get my studying habits in check). Also, did I mention that I have to do well in these courses. I’m completing these not just because they’re prerequisites, but also because I need to boost my GPA (again the programs are competitive).

I just wanted to share my big news and this exciting, but scary, transition. I also plan to try and enjoy this summer and do a few different things which I’ll post about. I’m not even going to kid myself, I’m sure blogging will be some of my well-earned study breaks ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the start to a wonderful summer!

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Cuteness on Skis!

We took Adam skiing for the first time last weekend. We didn’t really make it onto the hill exactly, but rather found a slight incline outside of the rental shop and decided that was a good enough place to start. In hindsight there was a bit of foot traffic, but hopefully no one minded too much :) We all had a lot of fun, especially Adam.


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