Happy Birthday Ezra!

Happy 3rd birthday Ezra!


You have an awesome personality that already shines through. You make us smile and laugh all the time and I hope you always stay as super cuddly as you are now ūüôāIMG_20160716_171249

Have a wonderful birthday!! Love you!!IMG_20160716_193738

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Ezra’s first season on skis!

We introduced Ezra to skiing this year and it was a lot of fun! For the first few weekends, I mainly skied with him between my legs just to get him used to skis and enjoying the activity. He was so cute, he’d say “wheeee” as we’d ski down together and if I stopped on the hill for a break (because my legs were BURNING), he’d tell me to “go.”

Eventually he started to get his ski legs and could ski/glide on his own. He was great and even started to make some small turns. Try as I might, I could not get him interested in trying to stop. That’ll just have to wait until next year. He did, on our last day of skiing, insist on riding the magic carpet by himself, and although I was hesitant to let him, he ended up doing great! No falls and got on and off no problem. So rewarding to see.

I didn’t ski as much this year with Adam as he has the basics down and can really handle any green or even blue run at Blue Mountain so he often skied with his parents while I worked with Ezra. So proud of both nephews!

Since I made a video of Adam skiing last year, I thought I’d put one together of Ezra. Here he is learning to ski at age 2 1/2.

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Happy 5th Birthday Adam!

Wow!! 5 years old today! I’m so happy to have you as my nephew and you are such a big important part of the family. I love watching you grow up and being there for all the important moments. Wishing you a very happy birthday and excited to celebrate with you on Sunday!




Love you so much!!!

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I had two final exams yesterday,¬†Stats 1 and Linguistics,¬†and am now officially done two more prerequisites. After completing my Biology course at a glacial pace, I realised¬†it would be smart to take as many of the remainder of my prerequisite courses at a brick and mortar university. So in¬†June I got myself organized (finally) and figured out how to take courses at university when I wasn’t actually enrolled in a program. Turns out, it’s pretty easy and I am currently a non-degree student at UTSC (which is the Scarborough campus of U of T). It feels way better completing courses in a four month time frame then the 12+ I took to do Biology. Turns out, if I can delay an exam, I will (and did) so being at school with set deadlines has really helped.¬†I am currently left taking one last online course, a¬†phonetics course, and am enrolled in Statistics 2 at UTSC in the winter term. Then that’ll be it for prerequisites. I may still take one or two more courses with some of the same professors I’ve had simply to be able to get better references from them and to, hopefully, increase my GPA.¬†In addition to the courses, I’ll be volunteering and possibly studying another language over the next¬†year with the idea to apply to Speech Language Pathology in January 2017. I definitely dragged my feet for the first year of working on my graduate application, but I think I may¬†just¬†have needed that year as a proper break. We’ll see how it all plays out. I still may not get in even in 2017, but it’s a good thing to work towards right now.

Today I went to a cookie/exchange brunch and it was so much fun. Marcio hosted and made the brunch and we all brought cookies, bars, bark, etc to share. The brunch and treats were both so yummy! I made chocolate caramel oatmeal bars ūüôā Here’s a picture of all the treats. So good!


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Happy 30th Ellen!

I just wanted to wish a very happy birthday to my sister ūüôā I made another white chocolate raspberry cake (as requested) but tried to do something a little different with the decorations. The end result was…interesting. My artistic side needs a lot more development, but definitely unique ūüôā

Ellen is the youngest in the family (save the nephews) and it’s crazy¬†to think that she’s 30 now! I’m so happy she’s my sister and she brings a lot of joy to our family. Wishing her all good things for her next exciting decade!

Love you Ellen!


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White Chocolate Raspberry cake

I just wanted to share a few pictures of a super delicious (and not so low calorie) dessert. This is a cake I asked my mom to make for my birthday this year and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it for my sister’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it turned out perfectly and was really delicious, especially with a cream cheese icing. Here is a link to the recipe. I used white chocolate chips instead of the Baker’s white chocolate. I also followed advice from the comments that mentioned not spreading the jam all the way to the edge of the cake (so it wouldn’t drip down the side).


IMG_2826 IMG_2828

I highly recommend this cake!


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Happy 2nd Birthday Ezra!

I can’t believe this picture is from 2 years ago today! This was such an exciting day!


Ezra¬†has¬†been a total joy. He is super sweet,¬†makes us laugh and¬†since he has¬†loved cuddling from day 1, he’s been a particularly perfect nephew!

IMG_0322           Snuggles from Ezra Jan3,2015

He also makes for a pretty awesome younger brother to get into trouble with.

IMG_1157            IMG_2791

He is curious and adventurous.


He can be stubborn and¬†may not always do things on demand (like smile¬†for the camera!), but he’s sweet, loving and a whole lot of fun (and he LOVES Play-Doh!). We are all so happy that you are a part of the family and we love you so much!


Happy 2nd Birthday Ezra!


You are perfect!

IMG_2867 - Copy

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