Adam’s Skiing progress

I just wanted to post a quick video of Adam skiing this past weekend. We have him skiing from the top of Blue Mountain to the bottom on a green run which is pretty exciting. He definitely has some speed which surprises us (and sometimes scares us!) as he is generally a pretty cautious guy. There were a few times where we were yelling at him to “turn up hill” to get him to slow down and sometimes his skis looked at bit wobbly and we thought for sure a wipe out was coming, but he continued to surprise us and regain control (or maybe he always had it and we’re just being overprotective). We need to work on getting him a bit more forward on his skis and getting some more movement, but all in all he’s doing great!

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Adam’s party

We celebrated Adam’s birthday over the weekend up at the farm. We skied for about an hour in the morning (Sunday was cold!) and then headed back for his party, which again consisted of 6 adults and a one year old who napped through most of it. I know there will come a time, and probably sooner than later, where he’ll be more excited for a friends party, but I’m loving it while it lasts.

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Afternoon Ski Jan 31

We had a great day skiing today! We finally got Adam to ski all by himself on the next hill up from the Magic Carpet. It’s a bit of a jump in slope and had made Adam nervous, but he skied from the top of the run to the bottom twice! He also had good control and speed so we were all really impressed.

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Tiny Houses

I love the tiny house movement and spent some time yesterday and today googling different homes. They are so perfectly cute! I came across a blog of a couple going across Canada and the States with their little home in tow – so cool! Love the writing style and photography on their blog.

Also, love this family from New Zealand and their home (and garden)!

And one more from New Zealand. It’s on a truck, but it opens up into a castle (sort of) with the washroom and shower being in the turrets! Incredible.

I would like to build a tiny house that can be off grid (and green) and just place it in a spot with the most incredible views. And I would like a horse. Thought I should add that in while I’m putting things out into the universe…and, of course, world peace.

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Just a few snacks

I tried my hand at making frozen yogurt yesterday. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but it was pretty close.


I realise as I post these ice cream pictures, that unless I make a chocolate or swirl type, they are all going to look the same. I promise though that this is the frozen yogurt picture, and not the vanilla ice cream or almond milk ice cream that I made before :)


It was pretty good. It definitely did not taste like frozen yogurt that you buy at Menchies or Yogen Fruz, but not bad.

I was also craving something with chocolate yesterday, but only had chocolate chips. I thought I would make chocolate covered pretzals, but in the end instead of drizzling the melted chocolate chips over the pretzals, I took a short cut and decided to dunk them. It was quite good!


I love that I’m posting this just days after talking about doing the Kind Diet again – have obviously not started, but obviously should!

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50 Ways to Help the Planet

I always want to be as green as I can and I know I don’t always succeed. Some days I really think about it and make conscious decisions and other days I don’t. I recently came across the following link that had 50 different tips on how to conserve or be a little greener and wanted to share it. It’s a nice reminder that little changes can make a difference. A lot of the tips aren’t new, but there were a few I hadn’t really thought of like matches versus lighters and I loved #44 on the list, using pasta as a stir stick in your coffee of tea!

50 Ways to Help the Planet.

Here’s to being just a little bit greener!

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Happy Birthday Adam!!

Today is Adam’s 4th birthday! I can’t believe how fast time goes. His parents took him to the aquarium today and sent this picture. I spoke with him and he was very excited about the whole experience! He loved it!


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