I visited my sister and her family last weekend and had a lot of fun playing with Adam and Ezra! I also had fun with their German Shepherd, Oscar 🙂 He couldn’t help but join in during story time.

He made me laugh so hard, he’s such a funny dog 🙂

In other news, I took today and yesterday off of work (I like to call this a mid-week weekend) and have been trying to focus on coming up with a plan for my next career. After 7 years of trying to figure out my next career, not sure it was realistic to suddenly decide over 48 hours, but I still appreciated having two days devoted to thinking about it. I’ve come up with some interesting ideas, that’s for sure. Let’s just say I have diverse interests and currently have a career in Forensics on my list as well as horticultural therapist! Both of which would require further education and are not even in the same field. Also, I don’t have any experience in either of those areas…

and then there is always the idea of taking a year off and writing a book.

Yup, I may need to take another mid-week weekend to figure this all out.

One more thing before I go, we’re finally getting some warmer weather and sunshine! It’s so nice. I went on a run/walk today for the first time since winter began and although I was totally out of shape, I loved being outside in the sun and feeling its warmth. I am so excited for spring!

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  1. Emily Heath says:

    The horse says neigh and the dog says wooooohhhh

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