Ellen and Paul’s wedding Part 1

Ellen and Paul were married on September 14, 2013 at the farm.


This post is a little overdue (only by about 9 months), but I figure as long as I post about Ellen and Paul’s wedding before their first anniversary, I’m still good 🙂

Ellen’s dress was stunning and included a feathered bodice which was not only gorgeous, but also perfect as Paul loves all animals and will, we joked, be quite drawn to the feathers.


Ellen found her dress quickly with only about 3 or 4 visits to bridal stores. As soon as she saw this dress, she knew. And she was right! It suited her perfectly! The bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand turned into a dress shopping saga. Store after store, multiple online orders purchased and returned (at one point I had thousands of dollars worth of bridesmaid dresses on my credit card while I waited for returns to be processed). I don’t normally like to buy online and then return, but each time we bought something we thought it was going to be THE one…until it arrived and did not look like it did online or looked terrible on us. Even Jcrew, where we bought our bridesmaid dresses for Lyn’s wedding, didn’t work out. I kid you not, it seemed like an impossible task. We started looking almost a year before the wedding and only found our dresses weeks before the wedding. Although it was stressful, we finally found dresses that everyone loved (even mom!).




Paul’s nephew Lachlan and our little Adam were ring bearers (although I don’t think they were actually given any rings to bear). Rowan, Paul’s niece, was the flower girl (I also don’t think she was given any flowers to throw, but did get a small bouquet to carry).


The weather the day before the wedding was cold, dreary and rainy. The weather the day after the wedding was cold, dreary and rainy. The weather the day of the wedding was perfect!


We were really lucky with the weather and so thankful!




Lachlan and Adam – holding hands! It was too cute.


The handsome groom and groomsmen!


Mom and dad walking Ellen down the “aisle”. Dad was a little distracted by the camera he brought with him and fell behind! I think he was also worried about stepping on her dress.





Ellen+Paul-207  Ellen+Paul-222




And because I can’t resist, one more picture of Adam with his grandparents!


A few more pictures to follow soon!

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2 Responses to Ellen and Paul’s wedding Part 1

  1. Emily Heath says:

    The happy couple both look wonderful, I love that feathered bodice!

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