The Kind Diet Challenge

I bought Alicia Silverstone’s lifestyle guide/cookbook, The Kind Diet, over a year ago, but only took a quick look at it before putting it away for quite a long time. Recently, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to eat better as I had been falling into bad habits for the last few months (or year) and picked her book back up. I read through her book and really enjoyed her writing style and the design and layout of the book. She talks about how to begin adding in healthier foods and vegan alternatives to your current diet by “flirting” with these foods and then she does provide vegan recipes and what she calls “superhero” recipes, a more macrobiotic based diet. I really wanted to eat truly wholesome and healthy food, cutting out sugars and processed food. I decided that I was going to challenge myself to follow The Kind Diet, specifically the Superhero diet for 30 days. I was fortunate enough that my sister decided (on the morning of the first day!) to join me. This has made cooking not only easier and cheaper, but most importantly fun! Plus it’s been so great to share this experience with her. I am now at the end of Day 17 following The Kind Diet and feel great. I have learned how to cook new dishes and I have learned what kombu, mirin and umeboshi plum paste are, note to others, umeboshi plum paste is not sweet as I thought (plums=sweet, right?!) and is very salty – just a warning to others who may have the same misconceptions I did.

Here are a few of the dishes we’ve been enjoying:

Hijiki-Tofu croquettes (Noah’s didn’t have hijiki so dulsa was substituted in). Quinoa with basil and pine nuts, scarlet roasted veggies and steamed beans.


Fried Udon


Tuna salad, carrot and burdock chayote kinpira and brown rice. (Could not find burdock anywhere).


Squash soup and polenta casserole with seitan tempeh (could not find seitan).


Here is an example of a breakfast on The Kind Diet – Tofu scramble.

Tofu Scramble

The yummiest have been the croquettes, we also made the black-eyed pea croquettes which were really delicious with their dipping sauce and a lot easier to make than the hijiki-tofu croquettes. We also love the tuna salad with rice, the fried udon and kinpira. Another favourite, that I don’t have pictures of, are the toasted nori burritos – delicious. I’m also in love with the plum soup dessert except I love it hot rather than cooled as she recommends. A few that we only made once are the ginger pasta with zucchini (though I’m not a big zucchini fan) and the polenta casserole (which was likely my fault for using too much cauliflower and having no seitan).

So over the past 17 days, my copy of The Kind Diet has gone from looking pristine to looking well-used and I love it. The bent cover, warped pages from water accidently dripping on it or being touched by wet hands and the way the book pops open to the most popular recipes.

I’ll try and take some pictures of other recipes that we have been eating. I also added one recipe to breakfast that isn’t specifically in the book, but only uses ingredients that she uses in other superhero recipes. As well, a couple of times in the meal plan section she has planned a meal to be eaten out at a vegetarian restaurant. Normally, we just make one of her other meals to go in place of dining out, but we have also had Amy’s vegan pizza for a couple of the dining out meals.

As well, for the first two weeks I wasn’t getting much exercise in as I had hurt my foot the day before starting the challenge. It has slowly begun to feel better so I’m hoping to up my exercise for the last half of the challenge.

Lots of cooking going on over here 🙂

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2 Responses to The Kind Diet Challenge

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Yum. Looks delish as well as being healthy.

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