Tiny Houses

I love the tiny house movement and spent some time yesterday and today googling different homes. They are so perfectly cute! I came across a blog of a couple going across Canada and the States with their little home in tow – so cool! Love the writing style and photography on their blog.

Also, love this family from New Zealand and their home (and garden)!

And one more from New Zealand. It’s on a truck, but it opens up into a castle (sort of) with the washroom and shower being in the turrets! Incredible.

I would like to build a tiny house that can be off grid (and green) and just place it in a spot with the most incredible views. And I would like a horse. Thought I should add that in while I’m putting things out into the universe…and, of course, world peace.

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3 Responses to Tiny Houses

  1. Emily Scott says:

    I like the idea of the tiny house and also narrow boats, but I think in reality the lack of space might get to me. At the moment I long for extra space, for instance we can’t have anyone round for a dinner party because we have no room for a table and have to sit on the sofa to eat our meals. We were cooked a lovely meal by some friends and it would be nice to return the favour, but just can’t. Things like that might get frustrating.

  2. Julie says:

    It’s true! Though I have to say if you lived somewhere fairly warm all year long and could use outdoor space regularly, that would make a huge difference. All the videos and pictures I have looked at are always during summer so the reality of a winter could be a big surprise for me. I do hear you on having space to entertain!

    • Emily Scott says:

      Agree with you, having outdoor space warm enough to spend most of your time in would make a huge difference, then you could just come back inside to sleep!

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