I had two final exams yesterday, Stats 1 and Linguistics, and am now officially done two more prerequisites. After completing my Biology course at a glacial pace, I realised it would be smart to take as many of the remainder of my prerequisite courses at a brick and mortar university. So in June I got myself organized (finally) and figured out how to take courses at university when I wasn’t actually enrolled in a program. Turns out, it’s pretty easy and I am currently a non-degree student at UTSC (which is the Scarborough campus of U of T). It feels way better completing courses in a four month time frame then the 12+ I took to do Biology. Turns out, if I can delay an exam, I will (and did) so being at school with set deadlines has really helped. I am currently left taking one last online course, a phonetics course, and am enrolled in Statistics 2 at UTSC in the winter term. Then that’ll be it for prerequisites. I may still take one or two more courses with some of the same professors I’ve had simply to be able to get better references from them and to, hopefully, increase my GPA. In addition to the courses, I’ll be volunteering and possibly studying another language over the next year with the idea to apply to Speech Language Pathology in January 2017. I definitely dragged my feet for the first year of working on my graduate application, but I think I may just have needed that year as a proper break. We’ll see how it all plays out. I still may not get in even in 2017, but it’s a good thing to work towards right now.

Today I went to a cookie/exchange brunch and it was so much fun. Marcio hosted and made the brunch and we all brought cookies, bars, bark, etc to share. The brunch and treats were both so yummy! I made chocolate caramel oatmeal bars 🙂 Here’s a picture of all the treats. So good!


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