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Second hive

It’s been a busy past few days. Dad and I checked my hive, you know the one that swarmed back in May, and after giving up all hope suddenly had reason to hope. We’re pretty sure we saw a queen … Continue reading

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The swarm

I’ve just come back from the farm and I have some news. Firstly, my parents were able to catch the swarm. They were so excited that it worked! Sadly the feeling didn’t last long as the swarm decided to leave … Continue reading

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Uh Oh

The bees may have swarmed. I got home yesterday to find a message on my answering machine (yes, I have an answering machine) from my mom. Then I checked my email and found a similar message… Hi Julie, I left you a phone … Continue reading

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Update in 5

1. Bee class was great! Some stuff I knew and some stuff was new to me. I was also able to ask the instructor lots of questions at the break and she was super helpful! 2. I bought my second … Continue reading

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Second Hive

My bees are still alive and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to split the hive in a month or two (I still have to peer inside to see how they’re doing which is my plan for next weekend – … Continue reading

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Spring bee update

The weather here has been incredible – weird, but incredible. 25 + and feeling like closer to 30 degrees for the past few days. It’s really like the height of summer….in March! Since the weather has been so nice, the … Continue reading

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Bee Culture Magazine

Look what I got in the mail… My brother gave me a subscription to Bee Culture magazine and it is the perfect gift. It’s been great to read the articles, see what other people are doing and even see what type of equipment … Continue reading

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