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White Chocolate Raspberry cake

I just wanted to share a few pictures of a super delicious (and not so low calorie) dessert. This is a cake I asked my mom to make for my birthday this year and I enjoyed it so much that … Continue reading

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Just a few snacks

I tried my hand at making frozen yogurt yesterday. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but it was pretty close. I realise as I post these ice cream pictures, that unless I make a chocolate or swirl type, they are … Continue reading

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More Kind Diet

I enjoyed doing my one month Kind Diet food challenge back in August/September of last year and I’ve been playing with the idea of doing it again, but maybe not quite so strict this time. I followed the superhero diet, but … Continue reading

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Easy and delicious

I wanted to share a link to a recipe that I have been enjoying lately that’s both quick and delicious! I “discovered” this recipe while watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking show and knew right away that it would be something I would enjoy, I … Continue reading

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Winter Tea

A few friends and I have started a winter tea tradition. I think it began as a holiday tea, but since it took until today to have this one, we’re broadening the timeframe to winter versus just the holidays. This … Continue reading

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Making Ice Cream – with almond milk

It worked! The recipe did say that it would be more of an icy texture than creamy, which is the case (and makes sense), but it was still really good. I ended up just using the whole 900+ ml container of almond … Continue reading

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DQ Style Ice Cream Cake

As promised, some pictures of the homemade “DQ” ice cream cake. We didn’t take too many for fear that it would melt, but it actually held up perfectly!

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