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If you are in need of a laugh…

Just wanted to share a link to a hilarious skit that Comic Relief did a few years ago. I watched it again tonight and forgot how great both Catherine Tate and Daniel Craig are in this sketch. So funny! Advertisements

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Skiing with mom

Adam skied with us on Friday/Saturday this week so my mom and I had the chance to ski together alone on Sunday morning. Despite a bit of a light rain and icy conditions, we had a really nice time. The … Continue reading

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I don’t know how I missed this…

but it is awesome! You have to get past the first two minutes of credits, but it’s so cute/funny. I can’t understand a word Robin says, but he’s hilarious. You’ll probably appreciate it a little more if you were a … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Malfunction

I’m going to share this story with you because I always appreciate it when people post their embarrassing stories because – well –  it just makes me feel better. So I figure it’s only fair that I share my embarrassing stories too.  On our … Continue reading

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One of those moments

I was in a meeting yesterday at work and was going over a few things with one of our teachers. In total, there were 4 of us there. Someone asked me a question, which I answered, but when I tried to continue … Continue reading

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20 questions

I wasn’t able to check on the bees today, but should be able to do that tomorrow and will let you know how that goes. After last week, I felt the need to post something a little more humourous.

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One of those days

I just tried to hang up the t.v. controller in the phone cradle…it’s just one of those days. You know one of those days like… when you are walking into the subway station with the token in one hand and, … Continue reading

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